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Chevrolet SSR Roof Door Module RepairChevy SSR
Roof Door module repair

Simple Engineering is pleased to announce that we are now able to “refresh”  Chevy SSR failed Roof Door Modules (RDM) back to proper working order!
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All of our parts and accessories are thoroughly

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The Simple Engineering Philosophy

At Simple Engineering we have two really basic premises…

1. Use high quality components
and make installations easy

  • Everything offered through this website is designed to be minimally intrusive to the SSR.
  • “No holes drilled” and “no wires spliced” is the basis of all the parts that we build and sell.
  • Whenever a “kit” is produced, it arrives either partially or fully assembled so that the customer doesn’t have to “figure it out”.
  • All components are tested for fit and compatibility across the entire fleet. Any exceptions will be noted and shared openly.

2. Share the knowledge

  • There are many individual contributors that have freely shared repair and parts knowledge.
  • Sources for repair and improvement of the SSR must be kept alive through open and effective communication.
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Simple Engineering = Solutions!

“Retro Car Guy 530”, SE friend and SSR Fanatic Robert Baller presents some of the aftermarket parts and accessories that can help improve ride, handling and appearance of your SSR. Enjoy!

If you find Robert’s videos informative, please click on this link to subscribe to his RetroCarGuy530 YouTube Channel.

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Simple Engineering and RetroCarGuy530 Introduction Video

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