SSR Roof Door Module RDM Refresh


Simple Engineering has been successfully “refreshing” all (with 100% success rate) failed Chevy SSR Roof Door Modules (RDM) back to proper working order since September 2022 !  They are typically searched on GM part number 15134308 and 15828426.

Simply click “Add to Cart”, pay for the order and then ship your RDM to us (FedEx Air, UPS Air or DHL is recommended). We will refresh (repair / restore / rework / renew / etc.) the unit as needed, fully test it and return it to you in good working order.  This is not an exchange, your own RDM will be returned to you.

This fixed price includes all costs, including return air shipping, “Insured” and “Signature Required”.

BEFORE you click to add to your Cart, please carefully read the instructions below:

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