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SSR parts repair shops supporting Simple Engineering, LLC and the SSR community

SSR Fanatic

Created in 2003, there are now 1.8 million posts on this forum. With over 18,000 members, the SSR Fanatic Community is one of the best places for SSR enthusiasts to connect, ask questions, get answers and more. This is the home of the SSR technical experts.

Visit SSRFanatic Website
SSR Fanatic
Retro Car Guy 530
Visit Retro Car Guy 530

Robert Baller’s Dedication to the SSR is legendary. His YouTube site is a goldmine of SSR DIY videos! From quick and easy fixes to in-depth parts replacements. If you find Robert’s videos informative, please click on this link and subscribe to the RetroCarGuy530 YouTube Channel

Left Coast 32
Visit Left Coast 32

The experts when it comes to high performance engines like the SSR’s 5.3L and 6.0L. They are the “go-to” folks when you feel the need for speed.

Power Window Repair Phoenix
Visit Power Window Repair

The original Power Window Repair in Phoenix knows what’s in your door and they know it so well that they can often diagnose a problem with a brief description. They have special pricing for Simple Engineering referrals.

Cabriolet Hydraulics
Visit Cabriolet Hydraulics

Cabriolet Hydraulics is a premiere convertible top specialist located in Florida. They offer a high quality, low cost, repairs to the SSR roof system parts. Zig, the owner, actually has an SSR.

Top Hydraulics
Visit Top Hydraulics

Oregon’s Top Hydraulics remanufactures the convertible top hydraulic system for the Chevy SSR and many other vehicles for a “better than new” owner experience. A very valuable resource to the SSR community.

Phoenix Performance Transmission Products
Visit Phoenix Performance Transmission

Our friend Greg Ducato builds some of the best high performance transmissions in the country. He’s part of the SSR Family.

Visit My Air Bags

MyAirBags specializes in air bag replacements, seat belts and other critical safety repairs for the SSR. With fast turn-arounds, often in a few days, they’ll have you back on the road ASAP.

Affordable Powder Coating
Visit Affordable Powder Coating

Affordable Powder Coating is a one stop shop for all of your needs including traditional powder coating, high-temp ceramic exhaust coatings and much more. They have been a key resource for Simple Engineering since 2007.

Simple Engineering UpFix Website Link
Visit UpFix

UpFix specializes in renewing climate control, ABS modules, instrument clusters, TCM modules and other critical instruments for the SSR. They can often repair and return your parts in a day or two.

Visit Samco Sport

SamcoSport is a SEMA member with a recognized reputation for high quality silicone hoses.


Visit Samco Sport Silicone

Silicone Hose Kits is the US distributor for Samco Sport. They have a wide array of applications for late model Muscle Cars and Trucks


Custom Battery Cables
Visit Custom Battery Cables

At Custom Battery Cables, our goal is to be successful by honestly and fairly solving the customer’s problem whether it’s fixing a hard starting problem for a snow plow or providing good looking cables for a show car. We hope you can experience the CBC difference.

Wild Bill's SSR Parts
Visit Wild Bill's SSR Parts

William (Wild Bill) Welsh specializes in new, used, rebuilt and rare OEM Chevy SSR parts. Bill is also the proud owner of the last production Chevy SSR.

Chevy SSR Club
Visit Chevy SSR Club

Chevy SSR Club’s goal is to provide useful information via a knowledge base that includes SSR maintenance and upgrades leading to the overall enjoyment of the SSR. This is a trusted resource for accurate information and great support.

Simple Engineering Weather Forecaster Link
Visit the NOAA Weather Prediction Center

Current NOAA3-day Weather Prediction
This is a great traditional tool that shows you today and the following two days at a glance. It is fabulous for what the weather will be like for a topless outing today or a couple day road trip in your SSR.

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