Here’s Why You Should Buy One!

In this 33rd video you will get to see a 2003 Chevy SSR. This car is unmistakably one the coolest vehicles on the road and guaranteed to turn heads. It is a cross between a truck and a convertible. It is a powerful muscle car with an incredible engine with an unbelievable 0-60! It is practical and fun to drive and has the power for burnouts too. The colours just pop on these cars, with the added fact that so few were made over 4 years they are made for collectors. If you can buy one – They are guaranteed to make you money as a collector car in the long run!

In case you are keeping track this is Episode 33 of Classic Car ChitChat Videos!

I hope my Classic Car ChitChat video’s make you smile. I do them in my spare time because I truly love cars and my intentions are simply to honour the beautiful cars I get to see and to really understand the passion and love of the vehicle by the driver (or caretaker as Jay Leno would say) of the car. I also understand too that my videos perhaps lack the polish calibre of great YouTubers like: Doug DeMuro, Scotty Kilmer, and of course my favourite Supercar Blondie. I also know that I can’t even come close the quality & finish you get from the likes of Jeremy Clarkson and the boys at Top Gear. I think they use a little fancier equipment than my little iPhone… LOL

Courtesy of Classic Car Chit-Chat –

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